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                                                                               Ruth Reiko Anisman


It is evident that Reiko's paintings reflect her Hawaiian Japanese heritage where she grew up on a flower and produce farm on Maui.  After graduating from Hawaiian Mission Academy in Honolulu, she came to California to study nursing at Loma Linda University where she earned a BS degree in nursing.  She worked as an RN in Hawaii and then in California where she finally calls "home".  While married and raising a family with her husband  Erwin, she decided to fulfill her life-long interest in art.  She pursued her art education at California State University at Long Beach where she graduated with a BFA in Printmaking. 
As she experimented in various mediums, she discovered that working with the colored pencil was the perfect tool for detail and realism in expressing her art.  While she has painted many subjects, her passion was in painting fruits, vegetables and flowers of Hawaii. The colored pencil is slowly paving its way to hopefully be recognized and accepted as other popular and established painting mediums such as oil, acrylic, water color, pastel, ink, graphite and charcoal.  Reiko is a member of the Los Angeles and National Colored Pencil Societies.
Reiko's other interests include the practice of calligraphy in English and Hebrew and singing with various choral groups.

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